Jackson Thompson

Guitar/Bass/Ukulele/Piano Teacher

In-Person/Virtual: $137/mo

Jackson has been playing acoustic and electric guitar since 2014. Since his beginning, he has grown in learning chord charts, the Nashville Number System, and how to play with different bands and worship teams. He believes that it’s never too late to learn an instrument. If you have a desire to grow in your musicianship or want to learn how to play guitar, Jackson would love to help you take that step.

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Students will receive one-on-one music instruction and be given individual assignments for their own personal growth.

Private Lessons: 30 minutes of in-person instruction with one teacher
Virtual Lessons: 30 minutes of instruction with one teacher on an online platform
Group Lessons: one hour and have three students with one teacher
Other: guitar classes, piano classes, voice classes, homeschool classes, jam nights, performance opportunities, professional recording, and more available at LMS
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